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  • Our “Junk DNA” Is More Important Than We Once Thought

    Authors: Riley Mangan
    Posted 28/03/2023

    Mangan, R. J. (Spring 2023). Our “Junk DNA” Is More Important Than We Once Thought. PBS Eons.

  • Lords of Marble and the Spear

    Authors: Max Dresow
    Posted 16/03/2023

    Dresow, M. (2023, March 14). Problematica: Lords of Marble and the Spear. Extinct: The Philosophy of Palaeontology Blog.

  • Postdoc Perspectives: Q&A with Jonathan Bowen

    Authors: Bernie Cook
    Posted 13/03/2023
    cartoon image of earth as a face breathing out white and grey gas that also encircles the Earth

    Who are you and what do you do?
    I'm Jonathan Bowen, and I'm a PhD student at Western University studying philosophy. I'm doing a lot of work on investigating responsiveness, answering conceptual questions like what is a stimulus and what is a response? A stimulus isn't just anything that causally affects you, or impacts you, and a response isn't…