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  • British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Short Reads

    Posted 25/03/2024

    The article “To err is (not only) human” by the “Mistakes in living systems: a new conceptual framework” team is available as an audio essay.

  • Mad in America podcast

    Posted 12/03/2024

    The podcast recently featured an interview with Justin Garson, PI of the “Putting representations back into goal-directedness” project. The episode is titled “Is Madness an Evolved Signal?”

  • Nutrient overload can have life-long impacts on butterflies, scientists find

    Authors: Kathryn Jans
    Posted 14/02/2024
    monarch butterfly on slim plant with blurred green and yellow background

    Often, people discover that too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. In the same way that eating too much candy can hurt your stomach, too many nutrients in our environment can hinder herbivorous insects. Historically, plants and animals have had limited access to necessary nutrients such as…