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  • The genes that made us truly human may also make us ill

    Posted 08/01/2024

    Craig Lowe, PI of the "Genetic basis of macroevolutionary trends," was interviewed for a BBC News article on human evolution.

  • Our “Junk DNA” Is More Important Than We Once Thought

    Authors: Riley Mangan
    Posted 28/03/2023

    Mangan, R. J. (Spring 2023). Our “Junk DNA” Is More Important Than We Once Thought. PBS Eons.

  • Applying a new mathematical modeling framework to existing fossil data

    Authors: Beckett Sterner
    Posted 11/07/2022
    fossil in stone image by josie weiss

    Almost two and half millions of years ago, the microscopic marine plankton species Globoconella puncticulata went extinct during a period of intense glacier formation across the Northern Hemisphere. Why did G. puncticulata go extinct when other ecologically similar species survived, including some to the present data? And what…