Project News

August 9
Selfish optimization and collective learning in populations

Alex McAvoy, part of the “Natural selection for collective purpose” project, contributed to the article “Selfish optimization and collective learning in populations” published in the November 2022 volume of Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena.

August 8
Biofilm Growth Under Elastic Confinement

Raymond Goldstein, PI of the “Physical aspects of early multicellular development” project, is one of the authors of the “Biofilm Growth Under Elastic Confinement” article published in the April 2022 issue of Physical Review.

August 4
Form, Cause, and Explanation in Biology: A Neo-Aristotelian Perspective

Christopher Austin, part of the “Mistakes in living systems: a new conceptual framework” project, contributed the chapter “Form, Cause, and Explanation in Biology: A Neo-Aristotelian Perspective” to the first edition of the book Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on Formal Causation published by Routledge.

August 2
Chances and Propensities in Evo-Devo

Dr. Laura Nuño de la Rosa, coordinator of the Directionality in Genomics and Macroevolution cluster of projects, recently co-authored “Chances and Propensities in Evo-Devo” in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. The authors “provide a propensity interpretation of variational probabilities that solves a conceptual confusion between causal properties, variational probabilities and extant variation present in the literature, and explore some metaphysical consequences that follow from our interpretation, specifically with regards to the nature of developmental types.”

July 28
Philosophy of science in practice in ecological model building

Jeferson Coutinho and Charbel El-Hani, part of the “An Organizational Account of Ecological Functions” project, recently contributed to the Open Access article “Philosophy of science in practice in ecological model building” published in Biology and Philosophy.