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  • Tree of Life quilt

    Posted 12/02/2024

    Created as part of the "Chance versus purpose in the evolution of biospheres" project, the quilt was made by Julie Harvey and Ilaria Padovani, the "Serendipity Stitchers.” They are a team of two artists and quilt makers who work for the Kaffe Fassett Studio.

    The quilt represents the Tree of Life and conveys…

  • Archaea: song-cycle premiere

    Posted 06/02/2024

    A choral work called Archaea, commissioned by Phil Donoghue's "Chance versus purpose in the evolution of biospheres" project, premiered in concert on 27 January 2024 in Stroud, UK. It is a song-cycle for the origins of life and was composed by Eleanor Holliday. A recording of a…

  • Postdoc Perspectives: Q&A with Juliomar Marques Silva

    Authors: Kathryn Jans
    Posted 17/07/2023
    grove of white bark birch trees

    A bike, a house or a family heirloom. Each possesses an assigned value that influences how we treat them. Understanding the value of the objects in our world comes naturally to humans, however, assigning value to living organisms is a more complicated task. How do we assign value to the trees in our yards or the bees that pollinate our gardens? Although the question seems…