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  • Physical Aspects of Early Multicellular Development

    Authors: Professor Raymond E Goldstein FRS, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge
    Posted 10/01/2023
    greenish yellow circles within a larger circle on a black background

    A fundamental issue in evolutionary biology is the nature of transitions from unicellular to multicellular organisms. From the point of view of natural selection, increased fitness of even the simplest multicellular organisms relative to their unicellular ancestors is subtle, for there are both costs and…

  • Organizing Interdisciplinary Research on Purpose

    Authors: Alan C. Love and Max Dresow
    Posted 18/10/2021

    The star-nosed mole is aptly named. Its distinctive snout consists of twenty-two tendrils ringing a pair of nostrils and, from some angles, the entire setup resembles a misshapen star. The tendrils are fleshy and look a bit like fingers and, like fingers, they have a certain “manual” dexterity. But…