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  • Postdoc Perspectives: Q&A with Martijn Schenkel

    Authors: Nate Johnson
    Posted 04/10/2023
    image of blue chromosomes on black background with red highlight in middle of image

    Evolution: A Game That Never Stops with Martijn Schenkel

    Martijn Schenkel is a postdoc at the University of Groeningen & Georgetown University and a part of the Paradox of the Organism project in the Modeling Agency Formally cluster. Martijn’s work deals with evolutionary genetics and selection on the level of individual genes, a field of study that raises…

  • ChatGPT and The Future of Writing

    Authors: Armin Schulz
    Posted 15/02/2023

    ChatGPT and The Future of Writing: Armin Schultz, coordinator of the Modelling Agency Formally cluster of projects, wrote about the use of the webtool in his newsletter A Peculiar Social Animal - apsa.

  • What Happened to Selfish Genes?

    Authors: J. Arvid Ågren
    Posted 26/10/2022

    Wilson, D. S. (n.d.). What Happened to Selfish Genes? with J. Arvid Agren. This View of Life.