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  • Postdoc Perspectives: Q&A with Max Dresow

    Authors: Ivana Truong
    Posted 02/11/2022
    collage of open book, a piece of granite and a chart

    How did you come to philosophy of science?
    Once upon a time, I was in a lab that did behavioral research on butterflies. The lab was run by Emilie Snell-Rood, one of the Subaward Principal Investigators on this project. But I didn'…

  • What Happened to Selfish Genes?

    Authors: J. Arvid Ågren
    Posted 26/10/2022

    Wilson, D. S. (n.d.). What Happened to Selfish Genes? with J. Arvid Agren. This View of Life.

  • The Debate Over Psychiatric Diagnosis

    Authors: Justin Garson
    Posted 18/10/2022

    Garson, J. (2022, October 17). The Debate Over Psychiatric Diagnosis. Psychology Today: The Biology of Human Nature.