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  • ChatGPT and The Future of Writing

    Authors: Armin Schulz
    Posted 15/02/2023

    ChatGPT and The Future of Writing: Armin Schultz, coordinator of the Modelling Agency Formally cluster of projects, wrote about the use of the webtool in his newsletter A Peculiar Social Animal - apsa.

  • Hugh Miller, Misplaced Boulders, and a Challenge for “Historical Cognitivism”

    Authors: Max Dresow
    Posted 14/02/2023

    Dresow, M. (2023, February 9). Problematica: Hugh Miller, Misplaced Boulders, and a Challenge for “Historical Cognitivism.” Extinct: The Philosophy of Palaeontology Blog.

  • Postdoc Perspectives: Q&A with Christopher Austin

    Authors: Bernie Cook
    Posted 31/01/2023
    close up of red blood clots in ball shape with a few floating away to the right. photo credit:

    What is your area of expertise?
    I often consider myself to work in the field of the metaphysics of science, which is to say that I work on fundamental issues, like causation and modality with respect to scientific disciplines. Although I'm interested in different disciplines, I primarily work in philosophy of biology, and more…