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  • The HPS Podcast - Conversations from History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science

    Posted 20/06/2023

    S1 Ep 3 - Alan Love on Purpose in Biology

  • Inherency in evolution

    Posted 22/05/2023

    What is inherency? What are the potential flaws with our understanding of biological function?

    On this episode, we talk with Stuart Newman,…

  • The places where dissonance emerges may well be the ones we should explore the most enthusiastically

    Authors: Nate Johnson
    Posted 16/05/2023
    helix shape in white and pink on purple and red and dark background

    The story of genetics is, fittingly, a story of recombination. At the turn of the 20th century, as scientists struggled with the question of the mechanism behind evolution, Darwin’s theory of natural selection fatefully collided with the rediscovery of Mendel’s genetic experiments to forever alter our picture of biology. Neither idea worked without parts of the other, but…