Cohort Program Blog

  • Postdoc Perspectives: Q&A with Max Dresow

    Authors: Ivana Truong
    Posted 02/11/2022
    collage of open book, a piece of granite and a chart

    How did you come to philosophy of science?
    Once upon a time, I was in a lab that did behavioral research on butterflies. The lab was run by Emilie Snell-Rood, one of the Subaward Principal Investigators on this project. But I didn'…

  • Applying a new mathematical modeling framework to existing fossil data

    Authors: Beckett Sterner
    Posted 11/07/2022
    fossil in stone image by josie weiss

    Almost two and half millions of years ago, the microscopic marine plankton species Globoconella puncticulata went extinct during a period of intense glacier formation across the Northern Hemisphere. Why did G. puncticulata go extinct when other ecologically similar species survived, including some to the present data? And what…

  • Building bridges between biology and design

    Authors: Emilie Snell-Rood
    Posted 02/05/2022
    In the classroom: sketching diagrams of a lobster-inspired device that could harvest desalinated water.

    “I want to build a community center where people come together and get along, and I’m looking at nature for ideas because of all of the harmonious and interconnected relationships where animals and plants co-exist.”

    I was talking with an architecture…