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  • Building bridges between biology and design

    Authors: Emilie Snell-Rood
    Posted 02/05/2022
    In the classroom: sketching diagrams of a lobster-inspired device that could harvest desalinated water.

    “I want to build a community center where people come together and get along, and I’m looking at nature for ideas because of all of the harmonious and interconnected relationships where animals and plants co-exist.”

    I was talking with an architecture…

  • Features of Autonomy in Human Evolution

    Authors: Bernd Rosslenbroich, Susanna Kümmell, Benjamin Bembé (Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Morphology, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany)
    Posted 06/04/2022
    blue anenome like sea creatures

    Studies of macroevolution have revealed various trends in evolution, which have been documented and surmised. There is, however, no consensus on this topic. Since Darwin’s time there has been one presumption that throughout evolution organisms increase their independence and stability towards environmental influences. This consideration appears repeatedly…

  • Mathematical Elegance and Real-World Implications

    Posted 07/02/2022
    which network structures promote or inhibit the evolution of cooperation

    Q&A with Ben Allen, Subaward Principal Investigator

    How would you describe your research interests?
    I study evolution from a theoretical and mathematical perspective. To me, evolution is a general idea that encompasses not only biological…