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  • Mathematical Elegance and Real-World Implications

    Posted 07/02/2022
    which network structures promote or inhibit the evolution of cooperation

    Q&A with Ben Allen, Subaward Principal Investigator

    How would you describe your research interests?
    I study evolution from a theoretical and mathematical perspective. To me, evolution is a general idea that encompasses not only biological evolution…

  • Organizing Interdisciplinary Research on Purpose

    Authors: Alan C. Love and Max Dresow
    Posted 18/10/2021

    The star-nosed mole is aptly named. Its distinctive snout consists of twenty-two tendrils ringing a pair of nostrils and, from some angles, the entire setup resembles a misshapen star. The tendrils are fleshy and look a bit like fingers and, like fingers, they have a certain “manual” dexterity. But…