Agency and Directionality in Development

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  • Raw and processed allele-specific RNA-seq data are available in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Gene Expression Omnibus database under accession no. GSE184888 (subseries GSE184885, GSE184886, GSE184887,GSE190498)
  • PacBio HiFi and 10X-linked read data from Gasterosteus high-spine sequencing are available at the NCBI under BioProject no. PRJNA766710
  • The 10X-linkedread data from Apeltes quadracus four- and five-spine fish are available under BioProject no. PRJNA769115
  • Sequences surrounding AxE in Gasterosteus from the two parental QTL populations and the Apeltes AxE sequences tested in the transgenic assays are available in GenBank (OK383406, OK383407, OK383404, OK383405)
  • QTL mapping files, phenotype data files and association mapping genotype files are available at figshare
  • The pTia1l-hspGFP plasmid is available from Addgene
  • Source data are provided with this paper. Other materials will be made available upon reasonable request

Code: available at figshare

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